Special bonus feedback post!

First posted to this site on 5th October 2017

The blog is only 5 days old but I’ve been sent two excellent pieces of feedback that add much more to things I have said.

Firstly, in response to my post about diagnosis in children and adolescents, one person told me, “Thank you for this Laura. You have written this from a teacher’s perspective whereby you might have to have the parents onboard when you suspect there might be ADHD however it can also be the other way around (personal experience) the school/teachers not accepting a diagnosis even after the diagnosis was given by the NHS expert paediatrician. Much awareness still to do so good to see a teacher carrying this out. You keep on keeping!”

This is an excellent point, even though I have ADHD myself, I do often (always) have my teachers hat on. While I have not experienced or known of this to happen with ADHD, I have definitely known this to happen with Autism- parents frantically describing challenging  symptoms that are coming out at home and the school not believing them because the child is well behaved in school (they are holding it all in)!

This just shows me that schools and parents need to work together as partners and trust each other more.

The second bit of feedback comes in response to the adult diagnosis blog; “For the part about adult diagnosis I would very much recommend that you link to the new adult guidelines for Scotland published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists- http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/ADHD_in_AdultsFINAL_GUIDELINES_JUNE2017.pdf as the information there is much more relevant than the generic stuff from the NHS Choices website.”

This is a great link and anyone who needs more information about Adult ADHD should definitely look here!

If anyone else has any feedback or tips they think other people should know about, please let me know and I’ll share them for you.

9am tomorrow morning I’m posting about classroom strategies that support ADHD (and all children)!

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