International Day of the Girl 2017- Inspire your ADHD girl

First posted to this site on 11th October 2017

As I said in my very first post on this blog, every month seems to have a long list of awareness days, weeks and full months promoting the many worthy causes that exist around the world.

One day that I left off of my list, accidentally because I definitely would have included it, is International Day of The Girl, which is today.

As a former girl, teacher of girls and advocate of girls in STEM in my research work (I do other things besides obsess over ADHD… honest), I would like to mark this great day too.

It can be hard having ADHD, regardless of whether you are a girl, boy, man or woman but the plight of girls is only just being recognised as we learn more about the way ADHD presents in girls.

Girls with ADHD often experience problems with inter-personal relationships, self harm, eating disorders and depression, so if you know of a girl with ADHD, or if you just know of a girl in general get them to watch this video.

This is Jessica McCabe of the Youtube Channel ‘How To ADHD’ speaking at Ted X about her journey. I know her story is one that a lot of young girls will identify with and hopefully they will identify with her success too.

Jessica helps millions of people across the world with her videos and has made so many people feel like they are not alone and they are part of a community. She is an inspirational woman and I’m sure she will inspire your girls too…

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