International Day of the Girl 2017- Inspire your ADHD girl

As I said in my very first post on this blog, every month seems to have a long list of awareness days, weeks and full months promoting the many worthy causes that exist around the world. One day that I left off of my list, accidentally because I definitely would have included it, is InternationalContinue reading “International Day of the Girl 2017- Inspire your ADHD girl”

Behaviour Charts and ADHD

Whether you call them Behaviour Strategies or you prefer the terminology rebrand, ‘Positive Behaviour strategies,’ practises such as Golden Time, group points, raffle tickets, house points, sticker charts, colour charts, Dojo, Behaviour Charts, clips etc.  all exist to modify and control behaviour through a system of punishment for bad behaviour and rewards for good behaviour.Continue reading “Behaviour Charts and ADHD”

The Physical Environment of a Classroom

There are a multitude of classroom strategies that we can adopt to make our classrooms better learning environments for children with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, and most of these strategies actually benefit all of the children in the class, regardless of any conditions they may have. Lists of classroom strategies are available all overContinue reading “The Physical Environment of a Classroom”