ADHD Basics For Schools & Educators

There are a lot of useful websites and resources out there which you can access to find out more about ADHD and how to support the students in your school. Many of them have great resource ideas and strategy tips too.

At the start of any learning journey, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that a Google search provides and that can sometimes lead to putting off the research or going down a particular pathway that turns out not to be helpful.

While my blog is a place of reflection on my own experiences of ADHD in the education system as both a child and teacher, I appreciate that some posts can be lengthy and may be more suited to those looking for more in depth insights.

So I have compiled a short section of ADHD basics for schools and educators that I hope you find useful.

Click on the links in the drop down menu, or in the text below to find information on:

ADHD Friendly Classroom

Identifying ADHD

Good vs Bad Practise

Useful Organisations & Resources

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