ADHD Act: Bonus Post

First posted to this site on 7th October 2017

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is all about Behaviour Charts and Behaviour Tracking systems and the many reasons that they unfairly target children with neurodevelopmental conditions, are a method of public shaming and profile children that are too young to consent to being profiled… But I decided to post that later today and first post this…

If you are a UK Citizen, can you please consider signing this petition.

“The charity ADHD Action calls upon the UK Government to pass an Act of Parliament that will broadly:
1) Place a duty on the Government to produce a broad strategy for ADHD adults and children which is kept under regular review.
2) A duty to produce statutory guidance to ensure implementation.

There are currently many challenges to the UK ADHD community, which affects approximately 5% of children and 2.5% of adults.
Changes in areas below will ensure significant cost savings to public services, and improve quality of countless lives:
Health (including mental, sexual and addiction support)
Criminal justice (police, prisons, probation)
Work, pensions and benefits
Employment law
Local authorities (e.g. social services, homelessness)
Media (responsible reporting)”

For more information please go to

What does that mean? People with ADHD are more likely to underachieve at school which affects their job prospects and employability.

There is a high correlation between ADHD and self harm, eating disorders, obesity and the development of comorbid mental health conditions which put a strain on the NHS.

There is also a significant percentage of our prison population who have been found to have ADHD as unregulated impulsive behaviour, high frequency of exclusions from school, underachievement and a lifetime of being told you are bad or naughty can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy…

As it happens, most of these topics will appear on this blog at some point this month.

So, for most of today I am leaving this petition up and will be reposting it periodically. I really would urge you to consider signing the petition if you are a citizen of the UK and to send it to everyone you know.

My behaviour chart post that is scheduled for today will be up later on.

Many thanks


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