Hello everyone,

My name is Laura and I am a mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend and a Primary School teacher.

I am also an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and comorbid conditions.

October 2017 is ‘ADHD Awareness Month’ and this year there is a special focus on women and girls.

Women and girls are often underdiagnosed with ADHD because they predominantly display symptoms of inattentiveness, as opposed to hyperactive-impulsive symptoms that are more well known and prominent in boys.

As a woman (and former girl) who was diagnosed as an adult, I really want to make an effort to raise awareness of ADHD and how it affects people like me this October- though I will NOT forget our boys!

31 Days of ADHD

My project is called, “31 Days of ADHD” and throughout the month of October, I will post an article each day on a topic that is relevant to Me And My ADHD journey.

My project has three aims:

  1. Promote a better understanding and awareness of ADHD and comorbid conditions.
  2. Talk candidly about my own experiences so that adults or children with ADHD may not feel so alone.
  3. Promote strategies that really help children with ADHD and other comorbid conditions in a mainstream classroom.

I hope that my ADHD family, parents and family of those with ADHD, teachers, teaching assistants, youth workers, driving instructors, support workers, the police, healthcare staff and anyone involved in education, care or community support find this blog useful- please share it with them.

My contribution to ADHD Awareness Month is 31 articles- all I’m asking from you is five minutes per day to read them and share if you feel it is appropriate.

I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional, I am a primary school teacher and an adult with ADHD and all opinions expressed in this blog are my own or backed with research that I have cited (good old Harvard referencing)!

ADHD awareness is a marathon, not a race and we have not long left the starting block.

Kindest regards,