31 Days of ADHD: My ADHD Awareness Month

First posted to this site on 30th September 2017

I’m not sure when the phenomenon of awareness days or months started, but nowadays you can’t look at social media without, a ‘special day’ or month being advertised.

Whilst the thought of running a sponsored 5k for a good cause fills me with fear, and I’m not so sure I can manage my trip to Texas this October whilst giving up alcohol for the month. I do really enjoy hill walking and long-distance walking and I have often been that person posting links to ‘Just Giving’ or sticking an envelope on the staffroom table in the hopes that my generous colleagues sponsor my chosen activity.

I’m going to be that person again this October, but this time I’m not looking for you to sponsor an activity or give any money, this month I’m asking for 5 minutes of your day (maybe less) to read my blog posts and learn a bit about ADHD during ADHD Awareness Month 2017.

There are, of course, many worthy causes with awareness days, weeks or months and they all deserve attention, I’ll certainly be taking part in events related to some of the below:

  • ‘Jeans for Genes’ on 7th October
  • National Poetry Day 7th October
  • World Mental Health Day 10th October
  • World Food Day 16th October
  • World Space Week 4th to 10th October
  • National Curry week 9th to 15th October- do I even need to explain why that is a good thing? We are British, we love curry, we want a week of curry, we shall not apologise for it!
  • International Walk to School Month
  • Black History Month
  • Stoptober

But of course, my focus will be ADHD Awareness Month.

This month I will be posting a different blog post each day on a subject related to Me and My ADHD… 31 posts in 31 days! It is quite a challenge but I’m ready for it.

Through these posts I will reflect upon my own experiences, look at literature and publications and talk about strategies that could be used in the classroom to support children who have ADHD.

All I ask is for 5 minutes of your time per day in October to learn a bit about ADHD and in return you will get 31 articles and hopefully some quality discussion.

I really hope you will join me- I’ve never been so open before so I’m slightly scared of what I’m sharing- but proud too. I hope the topics I have chosen are of interest to you and that you learn more about ADHD this month and if there are any other topics you would like me to address, please use the contact form.

I’ll be starting tomorrow, 1st October with day 1, “Women, Girls and ADHD.

Hope you can join me!


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